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Peak Implant Clinic,
41 Bank Road,
Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3GL
Tel: 01629 584165

Opening Hours

Monday   8am - 5.15pm
Tuesday   8am - 5.15pm
Wednesday   8am - 5.15pm
Thursday   8am - 5.15pm
Friday   8am - 12.30pm
Sat/Sun   by arrangement
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Our approach to your care

We work very hard to achieve excellent and long-lasting results in the treatment we provide, delivered in a professional and calm environment. 

To do this the clinicians are, and have always been, firmly committed to continuing post-graduate education.  Please see the teaching involvement of our clinicians.  Our staff are highly trained and we work with very skilled technicians to produce beautiful, natural-looking, functional and long-lasting restorations. Click to see images.

We strive to provide the best care, and support an evidence-based approach.  This may be different to your previous dental care.

Our aim is to provide the most long-lasting, healthy, aesthetic solution within your budget.  Due consideration will be given to your existing dental situation.  We will strive to work using your existing natural teeth, dentures or implants if you already have them.

Our approach is to allow the time to properly plan treatment, taking a long-term view as to the treatment which is required to rehabilitate your mouth.  This is done before we start any complex treatment, however, on occasions we will need to assess a response to initial therapy before we can provide a definitive treatment plan/strategy.

You can be reassured that all materials and components used here are of high quality, from reputable manufacturers, used in a contemporary environment with state of the art equipment.

When patients join Springmount Dental Practice we assume a responsibility for their dental care.  In order for us to properly fulfil our responsibility we demand that our patients –

  • Demonstrate an on-going commitment to the care of their teeth and mouth by attending appointments for treatment as necessary and following our instructions to care for the work we provide, and
  • Appreciate the time, effort and expertise necessary to achieve excellent and long-lasting results.

This practice is a founder member of the British Dental Association’s Good Practice Scheme, and was the first in the region to gain such recognition. 

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